Experimenting with delightful scraps


More scrappy yarn, in a ball…



…and woven up on the SampleIt loom!

This batch of swatches was made with a limited group of yarn types rather than dipping into my whole chaotic stash- I think that makes the pieces look a little more stylish and sophisticated, especially because I’m a sucker for brights or neons and metallics paired with heathered neutral greys or tans. The warp is natural oatmeal-colored wool; the weft is mainly oatmeal, violet, magenta, black, and lime green. Scattered throughout are accents of a charming light teal (which doesn’t appear to be made anymore- a pity!), metallic gold Berroco Captiva (one of my favorite yarns that I’m trying to force myself to use rather than hoard), and a light neutral, thick wool yarn that Noah made back when he first started spinning. It was too uneven and twisted to use normally, but small pieces of it look fabulous in this format- their thickness creates interesting irregularities in the weave.

I think I got about six small pieces of fabric from this batch. They’re in the process of being zigzag-edged and washed so that I can make them into small soft items- bags, clutches, maybe a small pillow or two. I’m also going to push some of the more egregious knots to the back of the fabric, but I want to retain some to give the fabric a more rustic appeal.

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