a spider outing

February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017


Last week was absurdly warm for February in the Boston area, so obviously, I was outside. With a substantial layer of old snow still coating most of the trails and deep slushy puddles in places, it was a bit of a slog out there, but fortunately, the waterproofing on my hiking shoes held up and I was able to enjoy myself.

I was really excited to see evidence of spiders out enjoying the warmth—I miss my little invertebrates during the winter. For the first time in months, there were threads of spider silk catching the light from all sorts of surfaces. I also encountered this little fellow sitting out in the sun, and he graciously kept still for a few minutes.

This looks like it might be a jumping spider, but I don’t know what kind—its markings and coloration are different from those of the jumping spiders I usually see. I’m currently browsing BugGuide, hoping to come across something similar. As always, ID suggestions are more than welcome.

Edited to add: I’m thinking maybe the Dimorphic Jumper, Maevia inclemens.



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