nature notes: things I have learned recently about which I am delighted

  • Many different species of birds do the thing where they flop around on the ground pretending to be injured in order to draw you (or predators) away from their nest. I didn’t realize that that was as widely seen a behavior as it is!
  • The little webbed tunnels in which Long-legged Sac Spiders rest/hide during the day are sometimes referred to as “sleeping bags,” which is too cute.
  • There is a flowering vine that I’ve been seeing in various places, and I thought that the little dark flowery bits on it were the dried-up stubs of flowers long past their prime. Turns out they are flowers in their own right! They’re just little and dark. (Black swallowwort, if you’re interested.)
  • Something exists that is named Dog Vomit Slime Mold.
  • KIWIS GROW ON A VINE. I had no idea.
  • There have been at least six different species of spider on my back porch in the past week, and those are only the ones I’ve actually seen. (I love going out in the mornings and evenings to visit them.)


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