backyard nature notes, July 21st

  • I feel like it’s been a particularly hot and humid summer so far. That’s no good for me, because I am a delicate flower who wilts easily, but it’s excellent for the bugs who come to my porch light.
  • The Cross Orbweaver who lives on my back porch is growing and thriving on the bounty of insects drawn to the light. I’ve named her Mabel, and I’m thrilled that she’s chosen to be my neighbor.
  • The plants in my weedy little yard are really interesting when I take the time to really look at them. Recently I’ve noticed lots of Yellow Sorrel (yummy!), a particularly large English Plantain, some Bladder Campion (always fun-looking), and an encroaching patch of Black Swallowwort. (And lots of unidentified plant-folk, of course.)
  • Just outside my backyard, there’s a set of power lines, and climbing all over those power lines is a mass of grapevines. The grapes are getting bigger every day, and it’s funny to see them hanging down in heavy clumps, as if the power lines themselves are sprouting fruit. I need to get pictures sometime.
  • Earlier this year, there was a serious fire in my neighborhood that rendered one house uninhabitable. With no one living there, it’s getting heavily overgrown by weeds and vines, and it’s fascinating to watch nature try to take it back. (I’m pretty sure there are also various animals living in the burnt-out attic, too.)
  • Alas, no further sign of the pack of young raccoons I saw out back a few months ago. I hope they’re doing well, wherever they are.

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