nature notes, August 12th

  • I remain way behind on editing and organizing my recent nature photos and posting them to Flickr. I need to be less of a perfectionist about them and just show them to people! I’m no great photographer, but I want to share the cool things I’ve seen.
  • My photo backlog includes photos from a long weekend I spent in Maine’s Acadia National Park a few weeks ago, including mountain climbing and exploring Mt. Desert Island’s rocky shore. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share about it.
  • However, I did not see any porcupines. (Well, any live ones—unfortunately, I saw at least three that ended up as roadkill.) I was really hoping to see a porcupine, though I know they’re shy. Maybe some other time.
  • I just bought a new pair of hiking boots because I’d worn out my old ones. I’m proud of myself for the miles I’ve walked and the things I’ve seen over the past year, since I started hiking regularly again. It’s been such an important addition to my life.
  • The goldenrod is starting to bloom, which is really exciting. It attracts such a number and variety of insects, so if I sit and watch it for a while, I’m guaranteed to see something cool, like beetles tussling or a goldenrod crab spider seizing its prey.
  • You know what’s awesome? Burdock. It’s also starting to bloom now, and I love it—it’s so big and spiky and dramatic.
  • I feel like I haven’t seen many frogs in Massachusetts this year. I wonder if that has something to do with last summer’s drought. (I meant to learn more about the aftereffects of drought, but I’ve forgotten to look it up so far.)

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