About me

I’m Monikah. I’m from the Midwest, but now I live in Boston. By day, I write about things on the Internet; by night, I write about different things on a different part of the Internet. I also enjoy creating fiber art, spoiling my cats rotten, and curating my candy collection.

I’ve been blogging or otherwise posting online about my interest in nature for a few years now. This is my latest attempt to create a space for that interest.

I go on regular hikes in parks and preserves in eastern Massachusetts, and occasionally venture farther afield. I like taking pictures of various creatures, plants, fungi, and other forest denizens, bringing those pictures home, and trying to identify and learn more about them. My focus is on becoming more familiar with the environmental world that I inhabit right now and right here, from urban wildlife to protected natural spaces in my vicinity.

Here is my list of disclaimers: I am obviously not a professional entomologist, botanist, geologist, biologist, chemist, climatologist, zoologist, herpetologist, naturalist, herbalist, park ranger, photographer, or environmental educator. I make an effort to present accurate information and to clearly indicate when I’m uncertain, but like everyone, I am often incorrect. If I get my facts wrong, don’t hesitate to let me know and/or direct me to better or additional resources. I want to learn!